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Sacrifice to the Space Gods




Today our Space Pope decided to risk his holy life and his ship and travel from our previous home over 30 jumps away in a t1 hauler to move some old minerals we had left there. These minerals are crucial to our production line as we are currently running low on Pyerite and Mexallon since the heavier ores are harder to get a lot of and Plagioclase is not in our area. After making the 30 jumps safely to our base. He promptly went out ratting in his new destroyer, and got scrammed and killed by rats on a gate.

However, his ships destruction was not in vain, I managed to kill all the rats and in the name of the Space Pope sacrificed their lifeless bodies that float in space until the end of days.  It was an interesting day to say the least. Mining and manufacturing continues as normal.



As always, fly safe, D-scan every 20 seconds or get blapped!

~Ryan Devereaux~


First Loss

I sat in an asteroid belt today attempting to mine enough minerals and ore to continue my production of T1 modules for new ships coming in and myself in case I lose ships. And of course as I am mining a crow and a brutix warp in and blap me before I even have a chance to warm up the engines and warp off. Kill Report uno

Welp, back to mining in a Rookie ship to get enough ore to make my new venture! Fly Safe New Edener’s! o7