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Mining in a Wormhole

This was my first trip ever into a wormhole, and it’s like nothing else. With the radars whacking out from the cosmic signatures the local chat is broken. It’s beautiful out here. Empty space, nobody around but me.

First time ever exploring a Wormhole!
First time ever exploring a Wormhole!

Having loads of fun, got lots of Arkonor and Bistot to fuel our megacyte needs. We should have enough now for most people to build pretty much anything they want, all we are running low on is the basic minerals. With less than 500k of any one mineral we won’t be able to mass produce anything much less mining ships like procurers and retrievers.

Wormhole Space is Beautiful


Other than that today wasn’t very interesting, still stockpiling Blueprints as well as organizing the Manufacturing Division. Hopefully, we get everything cleared up soon so that everybody in the division knows what’s going on and who is doing what, and when it needs to be done.


See you all really soon!


~Ryan Devereaux~