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Blob Fleet

Tonight after our alliance’s SOTA meeting we were having some trouble in local. We were being harassed so our little corporation decided to try and do something about it. We fit up our kitchen sink fleet, asked some of the alliance members if they wanted to join in, we had an amalgam of t1 frigates, destroyers and 1 assault frigate and 1 interceptor. We also had someone join us in a t2 logistics ship. Our glorious Space Pope joined us in his venture, since he got more dps with 2 drones in his venture than he did in an Incursus, seeing as he has no gun skills. This is what happens when you get a bunch of industrialists together to try and PVP.

Our little Fleet
Our little Fleet


Our fleet mind you, was shit, I could have been alpha’d by a destroyer, less than 1k tank, but I was fast, had tackle and thats all I needed. I barely eked out 70 dps, and I wouldn’t be surprised if that was how most of our fleet was. We had fun though, harassing the locals, we had a BS scrammed at one point but I missed out on the fun, they docked up after their timer however so we didn’t get a chance to have some real fights. It was good and I was surprised by the turnout for our crappy fleet. Shout out to the Space Inquisitor Zack Jew for FC’ing for the first time. hahaha. Anyways, it was interesting and was at least something to do while PL hot-dropped our home system to save some towers.

Kitchen Sink fleet, best fleet.

~Ryan Devereaux~