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Much Needed Megacyte!

Today one of our corpmates scanned down a C2 wormhole. So we decided to delve in and mine Arkonor until we stripped the belt. We thought, the only reasonable way to do this is to bring procurers and have a hauler move the ore back.  Sure enough 4 procurers and a Miasmos later, and we have a sweet little mining operation happening. Many of the members need the megacyte for some more advanced modules and ships.

Procurers Looking as Glorious as Ever
Procurers Looking as Glorious as Ever

The Arkonor that was mined was amazing. I myself got a little over 1k Arkonor. Which isnt amazing. But I gave my proc to someone else while I continued to run logistics. It was a fun time. The only crappy part was our operation was untimely ended by a Russian in a stealth bomber. We all got away safe but that was it for wormhole mining for the night.

~Ryan Devereaux~