Blueprint Stockpiling

Marsus and I went out on a long trip 2 nights ago picking up as many of the blueprints from our spreadsheet that we could in 1 trip so that we wouldn’t have to go out again when we realized we needed something. Our Manufacturing Division Corp Hangar is quite filled now with module, weapon, ammo and ship BPO’s.

Lots of BPO's
Lots of BPO’s

We started getting things really organized today. I sat down with my partner in crime Cinnamon ToastCrunch and we smoothed out some details. We figured out how we were going to handle large scale production and how we were going to be getting minerals and how people were going to pay for their ships. Alarn Davaham suggested that we as a corp start a mining division that could mine for us. They would be donating all the ore to us or at least partial amounts of it, to get free mining ships, should they not be stupid with them.

We came up with the Spreadsheet that had all our BPO’s and the price we were going to charge the Corp, 90% of Jita prices, as ISK means nothing to us.

The only way to play EVE
The only way to play EVE

I love making some spreadsheets while sitting in station.

We decided upon a nice order system, first come first serve. Everybody gets a free ship from our list of approved ships. The 1st one is free, the rest will be charged. Not a perfect system but it works for now.

How the order form works.
A look at our order form.

Thanks for following along guys!

If you are in the corp, stay tuned for more news about what we are doing and where we are heading. If not, I appreciate the interest in Pioneers of New Eden!


Ryan Devereaux


Manufacturing for War

Cinnamon ToastCrunch and I decided we were going to take over the preparations for PVP and PVE. We are now the heads of the Manufacturing Division for the Pioneers of New Eden. We have been mass producing as many cheap t1 mods as we can with our own stores of minerals but pretty  soon we are going to need miners that are dedicated to giving us minerals so that we can keep up with production. Between the 2 of us we have about 9 slots for production. Which is currently fine, however we are going to need more manufacturers as our little settlement grows and people can start flying our ships into battle to protect us.

We started production of some t1 frigates and guns and ammo today and started building fits that everyone should be able to train into quickly to begin protection of our little slice of space!


We had another mining op, but it was between the manufacturers. So Cinnamon and I and a new guy who joined our operation recently all went out mining to start our stockpile of ore and minerals.

Marsus Weehee and I mining like bosses.
Marsus Weehee and I mining like bosses.

Here’s the whole group going nuts on some of the biggest asteroids we have ever seen.

Centered on S Nakamoto, with Me, Cinnamon ToastCrunch and Marsus Weehee also here.
Centered on S Nakamoto, with Me, Cinnamon ToastCrunch and Marsus Weehee also here.

Null Sec Excitement

A friend of mine and I decided to try and grab some null sec ore from a system about 8 jumps away from our home station. We were dodging gate camps, anomaly campers and the like all night. Shout out to Byrbeglin Alcantar for the solid scouting skills and finding us a decent site. We got the system we were aiming for, and we warped to 0 on the Ore Anomaly and  I got a solid 6 Triclinic Bistot, this was our first time gathering a true null sec ore so we were excited. However, our excitement quickly ended when a Caracal and 2 Jaguars jumped in and we had to warp off, hence my measly 6 ore. However we had a good laugh and continued the search for a decent ore belt.

Why would I stay here? This is death served on a silver platter.
Why would I stay here? This is death served on a silver platter.

This was the 2nd Ore Anomaly we checked and decided it was a little to hot for our little ventures.

We decided to head back to the first Anom we found to see if the heat had cleared off. I got off a solid 2 cycles of my mining lasers before a venture started targeting me and a Caracal warped in, we warped off, hoping that we could come back and get at least enough ore for a full refine, otherwise that 18 Triclinic Bistot is useless. On our way out of Null we found a nice little Heretic dropping Bubbles on the gates. Unfortunately as I attempted to burn back to the gate he grabbed me and had me blapped in no time.

Dying in null sec


Luckily he didn’t get my pod so I able to warp off and grab a Velator, my rookie ship. That almost didn’t make the trip either though. As I started my warp to the next gate I was webbed by a local in null sec, I got away just in time.

Not fun at all!
Not fun at all!

Fly safe! o7

The Dangers of Moving

As more and more settlers flock to our new little piece of space we are losing hauling ships to the many pirates that are taking advantage of our new empire. As we all struggle to build frigates and mine in our Ventures and create a new economy we have to constantly worry about the big boys coming out to play with their assault frigates and cruisers. We lost an industrial ship rich with BPO’s and necessary modules for the beginning of new life towards the start of this venture.

Starting off a new life by losing everything.
Starting off a new life by losing everything.

Mining Op #1

So some of the other corpies and I decided to hop on right after downtime in order to take advantage of the non friendlies being logged off. The 5 of us decided to fleet up in our ventures and have a mini mining operation. It was exciting with neutrals jumping through our system every once in a while and rats threatening to take us down quickly we warped from belt to belt to scrounge up what ore we could. Here’s a couple screen shots from the operation.

Full group of ventures mining out a belt.
Full group of ventures mining out a belt.
Mining in Pioneer Space
Mining in Pioneer Space

Fleet Ops #1


Fly safe Pioneers o7


First Loss

I sat in an asteroid belt today attempting to mine enough minerals and ore to continue my production of T1 modules for new ships coming in and myself in case I lose ships. And of course as I am mining a crow and a brutix warp in and blap me before I even have a chance to warm up the engines and warp off. Kill Report uno

Welp, back to mining in a Rookie ship to get enough ore to make my new venture! Fly Safe New Edener’s! o7


Beginning Days

A new biomass Alpha Clone has been shipped out today. Under the name Ryan Devereaux, a Gallente fighter/industrialist. I am currently running some early missions to build capital and receive a few free ships. As soon as my corp application goes through I will be moving to the hq with my little mining frigate and as many cheap BPC’s/BPO’s that I can afford. Even if I arrive bankrupt, I will have valuable blueprints to make myself and others of the corporation, items that they so sorely need!

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