Losses, Killboards, and Medals

So I believe I am the worst corp Member we have. In all honestly I lose ships to stupid shit, and have terrible ISK efficiency, even though I do try and PVP. Compared to some of our carebears, I’m not that bad, but compared to everyone else who has actually gotten in fights, I am the worst. I embrace it, lost my ratting Vexor Navy Issue to a Loki, Tengu tag team the other day.  The worst part, they didn’t even do the most damage, the rat did. I think if I had been against the Loki only, I might have been okay, I got him into armor fairly quickly. Anyway here’s the hilarious Killmail and my beautiful Killboard.

Ratting Loss, to unexpected PVP
Ratting Loss, to unexpected PVP
Hahaha 2.8% ISK Efficiency
Hahaha 2.8% ISK Efficiency

On top of it all I was talking to the CEO of our Corporation, Cinnamon ToastCrunch, and I suggested that in order to add some fun to our corp and other silly things we can do we hand out awards to people for the best KB of the month, or best Killing Blow of the month. It could add some spark to our corp and some friendly competition, which as everyone knows, increases comraderie and friendship.

Here, is what I received for the fruits of my labors.

Shittiest ISK Efficiency
Shittiest ISK Efficiency


Overall, I would say its quite a productive day, and our leadership is not at all bored. 🙂

Live long, and don’t let KB’s stop you from having fun.

~Ryan Devereaux~


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