Of Elections and Space Popes

Today the corp decided to head towards a democratic system, in which every director position is run for, then elected by the masses. Cinnamon and I decided to run for a co-position. As Secretary’s of Industry we feel we would make decent leaders. So we drafted an epic campaign speech.

“Our manufacturing division will not stop, not for pirates, not for war, not for anything. We plan to reach the upper echelon of production efficiency, every ounce of sweat to be recorded, every mineral to pass through our hands to be used to its full extent. We aim to out produce even the Amarr and Caldari in their times of greatness. Everyone will hear and know that the Pioneers of New Eden are the hardest working and most disciplined corporation out there. We will not fail you. We stand before you as Co-Directors of the Manufacturing Division, humble, because without you we are nothing. Without the ore and minerals mined by your hard work, for which many of you have bled for, we would not be able to produce for you what this Empire needs most. It is not ships you need, nor guns, nor ammo, what you need most is Hope, and we provide that. We look into the future with desire and determination.


Vote Ryan and Cinnamon for Secretary’s of Industry and lead this Empire into a New Age!”

I mean, how do you not get inspired by that. That right there makes me want to make another account and join the division to be under their leadership. Seriously, we may be at a disadvantage but we sure as hell aren’t giving up. This Empire will thrive. We will prevail. Now that Gaius Toralen has accepted his position as the Space Pope of New Eden, we will go into battle with the gods covering our back. Leading our bullets straight and true, guiding our missiles,  fueling our starships. With a goddamn Pope on our side, we will prevail! ALL HAIL SPACE POPE TORALEN!!!!


Fly safe, D-scan every 20 seconds, or risk being blapped!

~Ryan Devereaux~


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