Null Sec Excitement

A friend of mine and I decided to try and grab some null sec ore from a system about 8 jumps away from our home station. We were dodging gate camps, anomaly campers and the like all night. Shout out to Byrbeglin Alcantar for the solid scouting skills and finding us a decent site. We got the system we were aiming for, and we warped to 0 on the Ore Anomaly and  I got a solid 6 Triclinic Bistot, this was our first time gathering a true null sec ore so we were excited. However, our excitement quickly ended when a Caracal and 2 Jaguars jumped in and we had to warp off, hence my measly 6 ore. However we had a good laugh and continued the search for a decent ore belt.

Why would I stay here? This is death served on a silver platter.
Why would I stay here? This is death served on a silver platter.

This was the 2nd Ore Anomaly we checked and decided it was a little to hot for our little ventures.

We decided to head back to the first Anom we found to see if the heat had cleared off. I got off a solid 2 cycles of my mining lasers before a venture started targeting me and a Caracal warped in, we warped off, hoping that we could come back and get at least enough ore for a full refine, otherwise that 18 Triclinic Bistot is useless. On our way out of Null we found a nice little Heretic dropping Bubbles on the gates. Unfortunately as I attempted to burn back to the gate he grabbed me and had me blapped in no time.

Dying in null sec


Luckily he didn’t get my pod so I able to warp off and grab a Velator, my rookie ship. That almost didn’t make the trip either though. As I started my warp to the next gate I was webbed by a local in null sec, I got away just in time.

Not fun at all!
Not fun at all!

Fly safe! o7


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